My Software Development Setup & Programming Tools (October 2021)

Many people ask me what tools I use for my work as software full-stack engineer. I will provide a list of the programming languages and frameworks I use, so you know what this list is going to be for.

So my tech stack is:

  • JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • React, React Native, Node.js, Nest.js, Shopware

In this article, I will present a list of all the tools that I use on a daily basis in my work for software development. 🛠

🖱 Hardware

  • MacBook Pro 15,4” 2015 / i7–4770HQ / 16GB RAM / 256GB SSD (I can’t wait for M1X 🙄)
  • Mouse: Genesis Zircon 330
  • Mouse pad: Genesis Carbon 500 L
  • Keyboard: Genesis Thor 420 RGB
  • Microphone: Genesis Radium 600
  • Headphones: Genesis Selen 400
  • Sound system: Genesis Helium 610BT

Currently I don’t have my monitor, but I am looking for one! 🔎

💻 Terminal

  • iTerm2 + zsh + oh-my-zsh with plugins: zsh-autosuggestions, zsh-syntax-highlighting

📝 Productivity

  • Standing desk: Autonomous SmartDesk Pro (-4% discount with 22pietrzakadrian promotion code 🔥)
  • Ergonomic chair: Autonomous ErgoChair Pro+
  • I write down ideas for new projects manually in a physical calendar 😉


🔨 Software tools

  • Visual Studio Code with Ayu Next Theme, PhpStorm
  • Brave Browser (why not Chrome?)
  • Spark for an email client
  • Slack for communication with my teammate
  • Spotify for listen music (playlists: Just Chill, Night Chill)
  • Postman for API client
  • TablePlus for database management
  • Flipper and Reactron for inspecting React Native apps
  • brew + brewservicesmenubar to manage software package
  • MacPass for manage important passwords
  • pomodorome to measure the time of correct work at the computer 👁
  • FileZilla for FTP
  • Magnet for manage program windows
  • sphp script for quickly switching between php versions

🌎 Server and hosting:

  • My site is written in Gatsby.js and uses a gatsby-starter-lumen
  • I host my backend applications on VPS from OVH and frontend apps on Github Pages
  • I use AWS S3 and Cloudfront to store files in my applications
  • I use Github Actions for CI/CD

In this article, I have introduced you to all the tools I use in my work as a full-stack software engineer.

You can also find this article on where I share my solutions to the problems I encountered during my software engineer career.

If you have additional questions, you can write to me on LinkedIn or Twitter.