Accelerate the purchasing 🛍 process in e-commerce based on Shopware 6

For over 3 years I have been creating and developing e-commerce businesses using the Shopware engine. The company I work for has developed dozens of large online stores that serve many customers. A big problem in this industry is a phenomenon called shopping cart abandonment.


How to create a microservice that handles 🎢 the queue of sending emails in NestJS

In this article, I will present you independent microservice that handles the queue of sending emails using the Node.js platform with the NestJS framework. The use of this microservice allows you to decouple the business logic of the email senders from the main monolithic application, resulting in less use of server resources and therefore faster source code execution.

open source

⭐️ How did my open source project get over 1k stars on GitHub?

In 2019, I started working on my first larger software application than "todo list". I was looking for a job as a software developer this year and I needed to distinguish myself from other developers. I made a banking system where you could make transfers (not real money). I've been looking for help from other developers to find out if my JavaScript code is good enough. By coincidence, my application has become one of the most popular open source projects and has received over 1.2k stars up to date.

mobile development

Self reference model in React Native using MobX-state-tree

While I was programming my mobile application in React Native, using the Ignite stack (i.e. TypeScript and MobX-state-tree), I ran into a specific problem. My api response returns a list of categories and their subcategories, it looks like this...